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Yves Goulart
Goulart Filmes

Goulart Filmes was created in 2003 by Yves Goulart and operates in the fields of documentary and fiction, focusing on the use of a poetic style.  It was founded at the same time digital video came into being and democratized filmmaking.

Goulart’s films go beyond independent filmmaking because they are handcrafted in the broadest sense and in line with the movement of filmmakers of the digital and HDV generation.  With the need to express itself through cinema, the Handcrafted Cinema Movement, besides using all the tools of cinematography, distinguishes itself by the fact that most of the work is controlled directly by the creator and director, that is, screenplay, production, photography, filming, editing and advertising.
The experience of filmmaker Goulart as an actor in theater, on television and in film gives him an attentive and critical view of the world and this is what makes the great difference in Goulart Filmes.  A view that goes into the depths of the mines (Black Gold), passes by dance (Illuminations) and travels the roads that beckon (Tracking The Cultural Convoy).

"The most interesting is that his sources of inspiration are things either he himself or someone close to him has experienced, revealing, therefore, that the truth of his artistic world (internal) resides within the truth of his real world (external).  What common eyes ignore, the eyes of the artist transform into art."  (Micki Mihich, Dynamite Online)

Goulart Filmes has a Brazilian identity and uses the cultural diversity of the country to present and integrate itself into the world, through films of quality and solid content, utilizing cinema as a vehicle that is able to go beyond borders to share culture and education.

The universal values of ethics, honesty, truth and justice are the fundamental pillars for human coexistence.  Goulart Filmes, through its works, will always respect these values, documenting and recording movement, sound, light and darkness, immortalizing the passage of man here.


Goulart Filmes Team

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MARCELO NIGRI was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, where he obtained an associate's degree in Information Technology from ORT Institute of Technology and a bachelor's degree in Accounting from Rio de Janeiro State University.  He also graduated from Angel Vianna School of Contemporary Dance, in Rio de Janeiro, and Merce Cunningham Studio, in New York, where he studied Contemporary and Modern Dance, respectively.  In the finance field, he has worked as a Senior Auditor for a big four firm and as a Controller.  In the artistic field, he has worked as a choreographer and dancer at the Choreographic Atelier of Rio de Janeiro and on his own dance projects.  He merged the two fields when he started working as a filmmaker and opened Goulart Filmes, with director Yves Goulart.  He is the Executive Director and Producer since its foundation, in 2003.


NAYGLON GOULART was born in Urussanga - Santa Catarina, Brazil.  He studied trading and marketing at the Center for Professional Education (CEDUP) and, in 2006, graduated from University UNISUL with a degree in Social Communications and specialization in Advertising.  In his hometown, he was a council advisor in the City Council from 2003 to 2008.  He has always been involved with organizations that promote socio-cultural projects for the communities of Urussanga and adjacent cities, thus developing along with Goulart Filmes, social inclusion projects through cinematography.  He has been the executive producer in Brazil since 2003.


ANTONIA GAMA was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.  She graduated in Filmmaking from Gama Filho University, in 2005, and has a masters degree in Social Sciences from PUC-RIO (2009).  She has worked with video, film and TV program editing since 2002 and also teaches Avid and Final Cut Pro.  Among her main works as an editor are the short films Janelas para o Mundo, by Sidney Schroeder, and Da Terra, by Janaína Diniz Guerra, and several TV programs from Globo, GNT and Futura Channel.  She was also assistant editor for the feature films Mulheres do Brasil, by Malú de Martino, and O Homem de Lagoa Santa, by Renato Menezes.  Antonia has worked with Goulart Filmes as an editor or consultant editor since 2003. 

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